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 Coffee Inspired
Women Who Served


Are You A SHERO?

A SHERO is a woman who is:


SELF-AWARE: She understands her strengths, weaknesses, values, and personal growth areas. She continues to actively engage in self-reflection and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to personal development.

HONEST: She upholds the values of honesty and integrity in all aspects of their life. She is transparent and authentic in her interactions with others, demonstrating a commitment to truthfulness even in challenging situations.

ENTERPRISINGShe exhibits an enterprising and innovative mindset. taking initiative, seeking out opportunities, and demonstrates the willingness to take calculated risks in pursuit of her goals. She is a creative problem solver and actively contribute to their communities and fields of interest.

RESILIENTShe showcases remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. She can overcome obstacles, setbacks, and challenges with determination, adaptability, and a positive attitude. Her ability to bounce back from difficulties serves as an inspiration to others.

OPTIMISTICShe radiates optimism and positivity in her outlook on life. She maintains a hopeful perspective, even in the midst of challenges, and inspire those around her to see the silver lining in every situation. Her optimism fosters an environment of encouragement and growth.

Sip Your Coffee * Speak Your Truth * Serve Others

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Image by Ante Samarzija

4th Annual Event

Image by Mike Kenneally


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Dark Roast

shero png.png

Medium Roast

Coffee Cups

But wait, there's more!

Ground Coffee

              Get your

What You Get:

  • Monthly delivery 

  • A subscription gift at the six-month mark​

  • Words of inspiration for reflection​

  • Special invitations to our live and online events​

Gift Boxes Amaze!

Treat yourself or the coffee lover you know to a thoughtfully crafted SHERO COFFEE CLUB Gift Box which includes:

12oz SHERO dark roast

12oz SHERO medium roast

1 Bottle of coffee wine flavoring

1 SHERO coffee mug

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