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Sip On This - America's Pork

Updated: May 6, 2023

The Chinese Communist Partys’ (CCP) increasing influence in world affairs is evident through its efforts to promote peace among powerful nations and rallying against the US dollar, potentially leading to its dominance over the United States. Worldwide, the CCP is gobbling up unprecedented amounts of farmland, including American acres in order to ensure their food supply rides shotgun with its efforts at global domination. It is, however, worth noting that China already owns a significant portion of American pork industry, around 25%, which can have profound implications for the economy, availability of certain cuts and consumer prices of pork all over the country. China’s purchasing of vast amounts of agricultural real estate and attaining farming technology in the US can hinder and impact food security and self-sufficiency. Even for those who do not consume meat, it's crucial to be aware of the ramifications of these types of agreements being made between private American Owned companies and companies based in the United States, but wholly owned by companies in China.

As American consumers and citizens, we cannot stop this momentum but there are steps we can take to address this issue. First and foremost, it's important to pray that our leaders are guided with and use wisdom. Second, we should consider buying American-made products where we can. Third, we can support local farmers and farmers' markets. Fourth, we can learn about creating food co-ops in our community. Lastly, we could even consider becoming vegetarian. It's essential that we continue educating ourselves on this topic and take action to support a more sustainable and self-sufficient food system. Though this issue is complex and challenging, even small steps can make a significant difference.

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