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Army Strong Women, sheds light on the often-overlooked narratives of the countless women who have valiantly served in our nation's military. It provides a comprehensive exploration of the military's structure and historical evolution, with a particular emphasis on the vital roles and remarkable contributions made by women. This in-depth analysis is complemented by a deeply personal examination of the experiences of individual women who have served. Their stories illuminate the challenges they faced, the obstacles they triumphed over, and the opportunities and achievements they garnered through their dedication to the Army.

Drawing from her own experiences as a soldier, Melissa Farmer possesses a profound understanding of the hurdles and biases that women encounter when embarking on a military career. In this book, she not only offers words of encouragement but also practical guidance for young women who aspire to follow this path. 'Strong Women' stands as a candid and enlightening resource, destined to inspire and motivate all who delve into its pages."


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